Planting Naturals strives to preserve and protect local heritage, culture and traditions. To achieve that, the company has established various social projects.

Planting Naturals' community development program supports local schools in various ways. We provide building materials for construction of more classrooms, school materials for children of various age groups, and the organisation of sport events.

In all Planting Naturals operations, there are active projects to continuously improve the social and economic situation for smallholders, including paying a premium for the organic palm fruit that they grow. Planting Naturals strives to end the circle of poverty that affects many smallholders in developing countries in the world by providing smallholders access to an equitable and just system.

Planting Naturals provides health, safety and organic training to smallholders. This training continues to grow and develop each year with in-depth information on organic principles and RSPO standards. All advice and training is given free of charge.

Our smallholders maintain their rights to freely organise, freely communicate, and bargain collectively. The farmers are free to choose what to grow on their land and where to process their products.

In one of the operational areas, Planting Naturals established a food security project. The company supports the farmer field schools organised in the nearby communities with planting materials and working tools.