Products & Applications

Products & Applications 

All palm oil and associated products traded by Planting Naturals are produced in a 100% transparent supply chain. It is certified by various international standards (Organic, HACCP, GMP+, RSPO SCC) by independent certification bodies. Planting Naturals directly works with the farmers. This allows us to offer full traceability and credibility when it comes to sourcing sustainable palm oil.  


As a multi-national company, Planting Naturals has robust experience managing transportation of organic products around the world. Our international team of supply chain experts and partners work tirelessly to provide the most efficient and effective logistics and packaging solutions, customised for each shipment. 

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Dedication to Quality and Excellence 

At Planting Naturals, we strive to provide the highest quality organic ingredients on the market. Our products meet various integrity standards, produced from palm oil which is coming from reliable and audited farmer networks, and prove that palm oil can be grown for good.