Sierra Leone is a country steeped in history, being one of the first African nations to receive freed slaves in 1787, and taking its capital cities namesake Freetown, as a result. Sierra Leone is one of the least developed countries in the world, with high illiteracy and unemployment rates and few opportunities for economic development. Successive civil wars and the recent Ebola outbreak ravaged this

small developing African country. But despite these challenges, the prospects for the future are good, agriculture is seen as a hugely important economic recovery plan, creating skilled farming jobs and embracing the cooperative farming model by creating supply chains and access to markets for these landlocked farmers with no way to add value or access markets otherwise.

Planting Naturals is a Dutch organization with headquarters and trading office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The operational sites of the company are located in Sierra Leone, where we work directly with our certified network of smallholder farmers.

Our integrated supply chain is a robust logistics network that moves organic palm oil straight from the source, meaning our and our smallholder networks farms and plantations to our customers across Europe, China and North America.