Sustainability is the core value that Planting Naturals was founded upon. To us, sustainability is a business approach to guarantee that our operations work in harmony with the environment, preserving native species and natural resources, supports local communities through fair and honest relationships, and creates sustainable livelihoods through community development programs. Planting Naturals has worked tirelessly to develop a fully transparent supply chain that meets the various sustainability standards, ensuring the products we produce are always 100% organic.  Planting Naturals’ Sustainability Model focuses on environmental and social issues and has continuous improvement philosophy at its core. Explore the following sections to learn more about the sustainability efforts

Planting Naturals employs in each of these areas. The special programs are developed to tackle various environmental and social issues identified in the region. The main objective of those programs is to establish systems that ensure that the negative impacts are not exerted and the positive impacts are continually enhanced. For each project, specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been developed to monitor the progress and results. 

Certifications of Palma Organica (Holland) B.V.

Certifications of Goldtree Sierra Leone