Connected to source

True organic palm oil

Sustainably produced by combining the largest certified network of smallholders in Africa with our own plantations. Local businesses, local products, local impact. We welcome you to get connected to source.

SWA Rice Food Security Farm in Tuasu
Abstract NHSL Plantation Makpele Cheifdom 191018


Sustainability is core to the values upon which Planting Naturals was founded. To us, sustainability is a business approach to guarantee that our operations work in harmony with the environment, preserve natural resources, support local communities through fair and honest relationships, and create sustainable livelihoods through our community development programs.

We are dedicated to bringing organic agriculture, environmental preservation, positive social impact and profitable growth to palm oil.

We plant forests on our farms, not farms on our forest

Planting Naturals understands and appreciates the enormous threat to human and natural ecosystems as a result of anthropogenic climate change. Therefore, we have chosen to rewild part of our plantations back to natural forest. Using third party certification and science-based targets, these forests will generate carbon credits that will offer our customers a fully traceable and verified path to becoming carbon neutral. We are proud to introduce you to Reforestation Palm Oil.

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For us, organic means to work with nature, not against it.