Ngoyaï Gbaayegie takes part in the ‘Voices from the farm’ webinar

We are happy to announce that the Ngoyaï Gbaayegie farmer based organisation (FBO) in Sierra Leone is in the news again; the secretary of the FBO, Steven Lansana, is taking part as a speaker in an upcoming webinar hosted by the Innovation Forum! The webinar – Voices from the farm: Priorities, challenges and aspirations for […]


Goldtree S.L. & Nedoil Ltd. Achieve Chinese Organic Certification

Planting Naturals and Goldtree S.L. are thrilled and proud to announce that as of the 10th of February, 2022, the operations at both Goldtree S.L. and Nedoil Ltd. have officially achieved Chinese Organic certification. This is in addition to our previously acquired certifications – EU Organic and RSPO certified sustainable palm oil – and applies […]

Participatory mapping pic 1

‘Mapping our Community’: Using participatory mapping to assess High Conservation Value areas

In the palm oil sector, a pivotal theme is assessing, and protecting, areas designated as being of High Conservation Value (HCV). These can be defined as “an area designated on the basis of…biological, ecological, social or cultural values considered outstandingly significant at the national, regional or global level” (UNEP). Conducting assessments to determine prevalence and degree of such values is an essential part of the management and protection of areas […]


Tackling climate change and GHG emissions at Planting Naturals

At Planting Naturals we understand and appreciate the enormous threat to human and natural systems as a result of anthropogenic climate change. Therefore we continuously monitor and strive to significantly limit our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, whilst also contributing to carbon sequestration through indigenous forest protection and organic and regenerative agricultural techniques. The agricultural industry […]