Goldtree Foundation

Goldtree’s social responsibility and community development activities include providing funds to a community programme that awards small grants for selected projects, according to the nature of the needs and potential benefit to the community. Particular attention is paid to communities in and around the location of Goldtree’s operations in Kailahun District.

Since 2011, the Goldtree Foundation has invested over US$ 200,000 into community-based projects for the improvement of roads, water, education and health. Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world and programmes such as ours, that fund and facilitate social and community development, are a means to encourage sustainable development. 

Community Development Action Plan

The Goldtree Community Development Action Plan, initiated by the management team, is dedicated to assisting with the development of the chiefdom which includes a number of schemes to posiitively impact the communities in and around Goldtree. Below are the different components that comprise Goldtree's Community Development Action Plan; each of these individual projects are being managed and monitored on an ongoing basis.

Community Agricultural Support Programme

  • Providing improved seeds, seedlings stocks, food cash crops, farm tools and credit facilities. 
  • Assistance with providing of extension services, training in improved crop production and post harvest technologies/practices. 

Goldtree Technical Vocation Skills Development Programme

  • Establishment of skills training programmes in carpentry, masonry, basic engineering, tailoring, blacksmithing, and more. 
  • Training in small and medium business development, general management and cash management. 

Goldtree Infrastructure and Service Improvement Programme

  • Construction of wells to supply safe drinking water. 
  • Rehabilitation and maintenance of village access roads.
  • Provision of mosquito netting to prevent malaria.