Planting Naturals is a global company that operates in the Netherlands with a branch of operations in Sierra Leone.  Our company adheres to diversity, inclusion and in building a high – performance culture. Our driving force is our diverse workforce who we consider our strategic partners for success, working side by side our farmers, stakeholders, and customers.

  • We take pride in our employees that bring with them their expertise, experience, passion for organic, to create the growth and performance that positions the company to be the global leader in the business of organic palm oil.  Our onboarding structure involves an overall orientation and transparency about Planting Naturals, vision and mission, guiding principles and of course, our strategic direction.
  • We value each of our employee’s contribution and empower them to assist in the delivery of excellent results. Hence, we believe it is an integral process that each understands their value and where the company is headed.  Planting Naturals supports an exceptional employee experience and believes that career development is important and is the key to a more committed and dedicated workforce. 
  • We enjoy what we do and have fun in the process.
  • We work together in creating a safe, positive and stimulating work environment that allows skills and talents to flourish and potentials reached through career development, planning, and training.  

To contact Planting Naturals in regards to career opportunities, please email